Product stability dilemma between Aspose Slides 2.6.26 versus 2.7.3

We are in a dilemma regarding Aspose Slides 2.7.3 as explained below. The previous most stable release that were using was 2.6.26. However, as noted in this support area, there were issues with un-used OLE server objects for which resulted in our presentations becoming quite large over time. There were also issues with the clone slide method. Several issues have been addressed in 2.7.3. However, we are finding in many cases that our resulting PPT outputs are not readable by PowerPoint 2007. There appears to be a connection between this and the DeleteUnusedMasters method. There are numerous posts in this support area related to this and we have tried virtually ever creative way to address this.

We have received very good support related to these problems but are still unable to generate PPTs that can be consistently opened by PowerPoint 2007. Our current product is on hold until these issues can be resolved. We want to make sure we do not end up in a situation where current PowerPoint 2003 users are unable to open presentations when they move to PowerPoint 2007. Therefore, this is a big concern to us.

We would switch back to release 2.6.26, however, the lack of ability to delete un-unused OLE server objects is an issue. But, we have also found that for some presentations that even if we delete all un-usused server object that the resulting file outputs are quite large without an explanation.

The current threads related to these issues include:

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We know that you are current working issues related to PowerPoint 2007 support. Do you have a timeframe for when these items may be addressed or an alternate recommendation for now? Example: Could a hot fix been done to 2.6.26 that would allow us to delete un-used OLE server objects. Otherwise, we are in a real dilemma until 2.7 becomes more stable.


As an example I attached a presentation that resists our efforts to clean up the data with aspose.

Some of the steps taken in attempt to remove the excess data.
delete all the slides but the first one
I also looped through and deleted all the shapes that were OleObjectFrame or had the HasExternalData flag

These steps would normally be excessive, but I wanted to see if I could get the size down.

After saving the filesize is still over 3mb