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Programmatic way to mailmerge RTF into a table?

We are brand new to using Aspose.Word in our product so please pardon my lack of knowledge of the api. Right now our users create labels in a RTF template and then before the labels are sent to the printer, a 3x10 table (30 labels on the Avery 5160 sheet) is created on a new document, and the user created label templates are merged with data from the system, then the rtf of these labels are placed into the cells on the table and then this document is converted to PDF by Aspose for printing.

Our users are comfortable working in RTF so Aspose.Words only does the conversion to PDF.
We convert to PDF because of a requirement that these are sent to the user as readonly.

Is there a way to programmaticly read the information from these template files and create a new table document formatted appropriately?



Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach the following documents here for testing.

  1. RTF Template document(s): That contains user created labels
  2. A new document: A document containing a 3x10 table (30 labels on the Avery 5160 sheet)
  3. Merged RTF Template document(s): The document(s) that are generated from user created label templates by merging with data from the system.
  4. Final Word document: Having the RTF of the labels placed into the cells on the table.
  5. Final PDF document: Generated from Final Word document.
  6. Target document: The document you need to generate with the help of Aspose.Words. You can create this document by using Microsoft Word.

I will investigate the structure of your documents and provide you more information.

Best regards,