PSD export to PNG results in loss of quality / colour / unexpected result


When attempting to export PSD to PNG the resulting image is not the expected result, I have attached the source psd, expected result, and exported result (579.6 KB)

The expected result is generated using the python library psd-tools and visible in GIMP when opening the PSD.

Any advice would be appreciated.



@johno.crawford I can confirm that this bug exists in Java and .Net version of Aspose.PSD. We need some time to investigate this issue. You can track the issue status by the following id PSDNET-1068: Weird rendering of the specific PSD file (RGB/8Bit)

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Thanks for looking into it @DmitriySorokin really appreciate it.

@DmitriySorokin for what its worth I tried changing the mode to RGB/16Bit in Photoshop, however the resulting PNG export still exhibits loss of colour / discoloration. Are there any workarounds you can suggest?

There seems to be an issue handling the lighting layers with a custom opacity value…?

@johno.crawford we are still working on this issue. Could you please provide PSD file with a “Lighting layers”. Layers in the broken.psd looks like normal pixel layers.

@DmitriySorokin please find attached psd and pngs. (241.6 KB)

Just noticed there are four modes used in the lighting psd, normal, screen, multiply and addition. Feel free to reach out if further information is required, thanks again!

@DmitriySorokin looks like the addition blend mode is missing? blendmode - Aspose.PSD for Java - API Reference

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Thank you for the additional information. We started investigation of the reported issue. Hope it will be at least partially fixed in the Aspose.PSD 22.3.

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Hi @DmitriySorokin I see the issue is now in code review, were you able to address both issues? (weird rendering and adding the addition blend mode) or would you prefer that I create a new ticket for the latter?



@johno.crawford it looks like that weird rendering was caused by problems in addition blend mode, so, the issue was renamed. I guess there is only one issue. If you note that problems with rendering still appear, please create a new ticket.

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@DmitriySorokin is it possible for you to provide a snapshot so I can test it and provide feedback before 22.3 is shipped?

@johno.crawford unfortunately no. We don’t make any beta/RC releases.

@DmitriySorokin no problem, figured it didn’t hurt to ask.

@DmitriySorokin after more research it seems addition is aka lineardodge, might be worth adding that in the public javadoc? do you already have a rough date on when 22.3 will be published to Maven?

@johno.crawford The nearest possible Aspose.PSD for Java Release is 22.6.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PSDNET-1068) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using Bugs notification tool by Yaroslav.Lisovskyi

@DmitriySorokin June? Bit of a bummer they aren’t sync’d with the NET releases.

@johno.crawford we are working to resolve this issue.

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