PSD image layer rotation in Aspose Imaging for .NET

If an image layer in the psd is rotated is there a property that I can get that from.
I have looked and don’t see any obvious one.


I have observed the requirements shared by you and have not been able to completely understand them. Can you please provide the details of requirements in the form of image and further elaborations so that we may investigate the requirements on our end to help you out.

I have sent you a response and an image through the email tied to this ticket.
Since I don’t see any way to attach an image through this forum directly


I have not observed any email. If the attachment size is less than 3MB, you can upload that in your response as given in image below. Otherwise, you can upload the files on some FTP or dropbox link and share the download with us.

Here is the psd file for this topic Colored by (2.0 MB)


I have observed your requirements and regret to share that at present the requested support is unavailable in API. A ticket with ID PSDNET-11699 has been created as in our issue tracking system as a new feature request. Our development team will look into the possibility of implementation of the requested feature. This thread has been associated with this new feature request, so that you can be automatically notified as soon as this issue is resolved.