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PSD to raster image java API trial version ERROR

Hi My name is dongsik.

I’m testing several PSD handling java library.

i follow this example(

when i used Aspose.PSD java API for convert PSD to JPEG, i got this ERROR

class com.aspose.psd.coreexceptions.ImageSaveException: Image saving failed.
 ---> class com.aspose.psd.coreexceptions.ImageSaveException: Image export failed. ---> class com.aspose.psd.internal.Exceptions.Exception: File not found File: /usr/share/AsposeImagingFontsInfo.cache

File name: ‘/usr/share/AsposeImagingFontsInfo.cache’ —> /usr/share/AsposeImagingFontsInfo.cache (Permission denied)

java API version is com.aspose:aspose-psd:20.9:jdk16.

what’s wrong?


Can you please share the Java and Operating system details on your end. Please share, if you are using same image as in our example or a different one. If that is a different source image then please share that as well with us.