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PSI read / update projects to / from EPM


I'm starting to get enquiries about reading / updating projects directly to EPM using the PSI interface.

This looks like a web service interface..

I would imagine this is a similar interface to the old MPD style interface.

Though I haven't looked at the interface, I would hope that the data is actually related to the MS Project XML that is now starting to work pretty well.

Is this in your plan?

Regards, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Thank you a lot for your question!

The feature implementation was in our this year plans but we had to shift it to the next year because of XML/MPP support enhancements.

I have linked the issue “Read/write project data through Project Server Interface.” with ID = 21089 to this forum thread.

We have a problem here with MS Project 2010 as they added a new WCF interface to the Project Server and old Web (ASMX) service has some restrictions. You can find some information here. So may be we’ll have to implement both interfaces for different versions, one of them for .NET starting from 3.5 only. This is under investigation now.

Hi Sergey,

I've just received an XML file from an EPM solution ... There are some fields that did not quite come through as expected:

1) CrossProjectName









This XML did not pass through to the output file when saved.

2) Fields with extra comments ... they look like.. in the task element

<b40801c>No Baseline</b40801c>

<b408026>No Baseline</b408026>

<b40802a>No Baseline</b40802a>

These look like comments from the server. The elements like this were not passed through to the output file.

Same for assignments

<f408012>No Baseline</f408012>

<f408014>No Baseline</f408014>

<f408015>No Baseline</f408015>

<f408017>No Baseline</f408017>

<f408018>No Baseline</f408018>

<f408019>No Baseline</f408019>

<f40801a>No Baseline</f40801a>

3) Numbers in like 0.00 and out like 0

I don't know if this is actually a real problem - however, the input lines look like



and the output lines look like



4) Still getting extra output lines added for extended attributes


this is still showing up when not in the input file

5) still getting extra output lines added for extended attribute definitions.




In general, there is a very high %% that does pass through ok!!!

Once again, scheduling / planning is a very important business process. I really don't feel comfortable dropping any fields in the original XML that need to pass through and adding things in the output file that are not absolutely necessary. Do you have a pass through capability for anything you may not have implemented yet?

Hope this helps ... I'll continue with testing. (At this point, I'm not able to provide the source XML)

Regards, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

I will try to repeat the problem at my side and fix it ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Sergey,

Any idea when the next official release will be?

Regards, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

We have one issue more to resolve. Hope we can make it until end of the week.

Sorry for the delay.

Hi Sergey,

Any update on the next release?

Regards, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

The release is on staging now. I am waiting for update from support team.

Sorry for the delay.