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Pst Extraction Hangs When Message Has 'Dead' Links

When extracting the first message (an email with dead links) from this PST, extraction ends after 28 minutes

Would be nice if there was an option similar to Aspose Words WebRequestTimeout to control how long to wait for external links … I am running this on AWS lambda with a 5 minutes time limit, so if the fix was to complete the extraction just a bit faster it would be still a problem for me.

This is the code to repro the problem:

        fileName = @"/tmp/disco.redacted.pst";


    public static void ExtractPst(string pstfilename)
        string path = pstfilename;

        // Save message to MemoryStream
        using (PersonalStorage personalStorage = PersonalStorage.FromFile(path))
            List<string> allMessageIds = GetAllMessageId(personalStorage.RootFolder);

            foreach (string entryIdString in allMessageIds)
                using (MemoryStream memorystream = new MemoryStream())
                    Console.WriteLine("Saving {0} at {1}", entryIdString, DateTime.Now);
                    personalStorage.SaveMessageToStream(entryIdString, memorystream);
                    Console.WriteLine("Saved {0} at {1}", entryIdString, DateTime.Now);


    static List<string> GetAllMessageId(FolderInfo folder)
        List<string> messageIdList = new List<string>();

        var messageIds = folder.EnumerateMessagesEntryId();


        var subFolders = folder.EnumerateFolders();
        foreach (var subFolder in subFolders)
            var someMessageIds = GetAllMessageId(subFolder);

        return messageIdList;

The extraction ended in 28 minutes and 9 seconds

This the output:
Saving AAAAAL2xUkNnDGRDmFL/vBbnjTmkDiEA at 4/8/2019 6:56:02 PM
Saved AAAAAL2xUkNnDGRDmFL/vBbnjTmkDiEA at 4/8/2019 7:24:11 PM


I have observed the issue shared by you and an issue with ID EMAILNET-39449 has been created in our issue tracking system to investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with issue so that you may be notified once issue will be fixed.