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Publishing Web Application breaks GridWeb

I have created a sample VS 2010 project using Aspose GridWeb. This project was tested in VS 2010 and everything was working fine. I attempted to publish it to another machine to run under a Web Site under IIS and I get the following issues:

- The images do not display in the footer of the Grid.
- A JavaScript error occurs when the page is loaded indicating 'acwmain' is undefined
- The data displays but I can't edit it
I have published the web application using a File System deploy. All files are copied over as expected, including the acw_client and it's contents. I have configured IIS on the target machine properly. The following entries exist in the web.config:


<add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.acw_client_path" value="/acw_client/" />

<add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.force_script_path" value="true" />

<add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.forcepath" value="true" />


Is there anything else that I need to configure to ensure it works properly.


It seems to be some problem with configuration on IIS. Please share your screenshots of IIS configuration as well as your browsers.

Please also test this issue with simplified code example and share your project to us. We will investigate this issue and advise you asap.

Good afternoon,

Attached are the screenshots of the IIS settings for the web application, and the sample project as requested.


Thanks for your files. We will investigate it and let you know asap.

This issue has been logged as CELLSNET-29922.


Please check if there is a virtual directory named “acw_client” at IIS root.

Alternatively, You can change your configuration as this line:


Your site will work fine.

Yes, the location of the acw_client virtual directory was the issue. Your last suggestion worked. Thanks!