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Is there any limitations or any Internationalization notions(eg. font) for Aspose.Words for Java under linux enviroment?How about version/upgrade policy? If we encounter bugs, is it free for upgrading fixes?


No, thee are no limitations. But if you render the documents to fixed page formats, like PDF, XPS or Image, the fonts using the document should be available in the environment where the conversion is performed. To build the document layout Aspose.Words requires the fonts. If Aspose.Words cannot find the fonts used in the document the fonts are substituted . This might lead into the layout difference, since substitution fonts might have different font metrics. You can implement IWarningCallback vto get a notification when font substitution is performed.
To get the same rendering result on different OSs the same set of fonts should be available in the environments. Please see our documentation to learn how to specify fonts location:

Every Aspose.Words license provides a 1-year subscription for free upgrades to any new Aspose.Words version that comes out. You can update for free to any Aspose.Words version released before the subscription expiry date.

You can check when your subscription expires, just open the license file in Notepad (but take care not to modify and save the license file or it will no longer work) and see the SubscriptionExpiry field.


It means that you can free upgrade to version of Aspose.Words published before 02/18/2022.

How about the bug didn’t be fixed in 1 year? I think, for bug, if we finds out it really be a bug, it should be fixed for ever. for new feature, you can give your 1 year free upgrade. We also purchase other products and encounter some bugs, the vendor says they hasn’t enough resources to fix it in 1 year or the fix need large change. so they make us wait wait and wait

@softboy Unfortunately, there is no special policy about bugs. The license provides only one year subscription for free updates. So if the defect, you have found, is resolved in the version, that comes out after your license expiration date, it will be require to renew your subscription.

I think, at least the major version,minor version policy should be more reasonable for bug fixes

@softboy We fully understand your point of view. However, we do not have plans to change our licensing and update policy. We publish regular monthly releases, that include the fixes and improvements.

Also, it is not possible for sure differentiate between bug and missed feature. For example, Aspose.Words can throw FileCorruptedException if while reading a document it detects problems. MS Word on other hand shows dialog that the document must be recovered, you click OK and MS Word opens the document. Should this be considered as a bug? On one hand MS Word can open the document, and Aspose.Words cannot so there is something wrong with Aspose.Words, right? On other hand the document is really corrupted and Aspose.Words reports the problem by throwing the exception.

I have buy the license. But now i encounter the problem, On your website, the paid support cannot be used and need to additional purchase. Why? Where to feedback the problem? Af here, the forum?

@softboy This forum is the main place for getting support. So if you encounter any issues upon using Aspose.Words or other Aspose products, please create a topic in the forum with the problem description and the files required to reproduce the problem. We will investigate the problem and provide you more information.
It is recommended to create a separate topic for each problem to make it easier to track the issues.