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QR Barcodes

Hi, good day.

I am just starting to use QR bar-code. First try works fine. The word Aspose appears on output. Is this normal? Secondly, can you point me to advanced examples showing me how to embed image and include multiple lines. rgs
Hi Zack,

Thank you for contacting support. The word "Aspose" is an evaluation mark. It is because you have not applied a valid license. You can avoid evaluation limitations by getting a temporary license for 30 days and try the latest version at your end. You can download a latest version of Aspose.Diagram from the download page:

You can learn all about how Aspose products are licensed by checking out the Licenses FAQ here:http://www.aspose.com/corporate/purchase/faqs/default.aspx
Secondly, can you point me to advanced examples showing me how to embed image and include multiple lines.
Aspose.BarCode API does not manipulate with image file format features. It takes an image file format to decode barcodes, those are already available on it or encode and place barcodes on any supported image file format. Where do you require to embed your image file and include multiple lines? Please elaborate a bit more about the requirement. Aspose.Imaging API may help you in this regard. Please go through the help topics: http://www.aspose.com/docs/display/imagingnet/Home

Please feel free to reply us in case of any further assistance.

Hi Support,

Thank you for this.
I am fully licensed for Aspose.Total.
From your response I assume I am not applying the license .lic correctly in the ASP project.
Maybe some guidance here?
To clarify on on the QR part;
I have correctly got the basic QR code with an embedded URL that executes correctly and opens the applicable web page correctly, working.
I have however seen QR barcodes with an icon images almost like a watermark visible ‘through’ the QR code. I would like to create this as well. You can see an example of what is possible @ http://www.qrcode-monkey.com/
I would also like to create a QR code with multiple, formatted’ lines of text embedded.
This is also possible but would like an Apose example if possible.
kind regards

Hi Zack,

Thank you for your inquiry. If you want to avoid its evaluation limitation, you need to set a license before utilizing Aspose.BarCode. It is only required to set a license once per application (or process). The license can be loaded from a file, stream or an embedded resource. You need to initialize License class object and call its SetLicense method. It is the same approach as you initializing BarCodeBuilder class object.

Please go through the help topic:

Second, you can achieve all the said feature operations as you have observed in the provided url. Please go through the following help topics: Customize Barcode Image Resolution, Colorize any Part of the Barcode Image, Control Barcode Image Quality, Working with Image Borders

You can display some extra information on the barcode image, in the form of text strings that is called Caption. The Caption class allows you to set font formatting like size, style, color and alignment etc.

Please refer to the following help topic:

We hope, this helps.Please feel free to reply us in case of any confusion or questions.