Queries about Zimbra TGZ reader

Since TgzReader does not provide folder hierarchy we have to use 1st sample from this page to extract data from tgz: (Read all messages from Zimbra TGZ storage)

However, it seems that < while (reader.ReadNextMessage()) > will not return all the items inside tgz, because if we use the 2nd sample from the above page, which is < reader.ExportTo(outputDir) >
We’ll see 2 more items inside < Emailed Contacts > folder:

  • So how to get those 2 items using the 1st sample? ( while (reader.ReadNextMessage()) )

The problem with the 2nd one < reader.ExportTo(outputDir) > is that it can’t be used to draw a tree control and worst, it won’t provide any event so we can reflect the underlying events as log file, or cancel the process in the middle etc…
Thanks for consideration :slight_smile:


I have added this issues to EMAILNET-40684 ticket. We will implement events and reading of all available objects.

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Appreciate it, while wondering why no one else ever didn’t ask those vital functions :slight_smile: