Queries related to workbook properties "SharedDoc" "AppVersion" and "퀀_generated_2.-2147483648"

I have created a xls file using MS office 2019 and converted to xlsm using Aspose.Cells. Attached the same here. Please help me with below observed differences.

  1. “SharedDoc” workbook property with value “False” got deleted.

  2. “AppVersion” workbook property changed from “16.0300” to " 16.0000"

  3. I didn’t attach a template file for this observation.
    A custom workbook property is getting added for few old xls files when converted to xlsm with name “퀀_generated_2.-2147483648” and the value for this is either 2057 or 1033 or 1029.
    What is this workbook property signifies?

WorkBookPropertiesQueriesSampleFiles.zip (19.8 KB)

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the sample files.

I tried the following sample code using your template XLS file but could not found such properties in it.
Sample code:

 Workbook workbook = new Workbook("e:\\test2\\WorkBookProperties_EmptyFile.xls");
foreach (Aspose.Cells.Properties.DocumentProperty property in workbook.BuiltInDocumentProperties)
      Console.WriteLine("Name: {0}, Value: {1}", property.Name, property.Value);


Name: Author, Value: Vedavyas Velaga
Name: LastSavedBy, Value: Vedavyas Velaga
Name: NameOfApplication, Value: Microsoft Excel
Name: CreateTime, Value: 26/5/2022 8:12:56 AM
Name: LastSavedTime, Value: 26/5/2022 8:13:36 AM
Name: Security, Value: 0
Name: Company, Value: 
Name: Version, Value: 16.0000
Name: ScaleCrop, Value: False
Name: LinksUpToDate, Value: False
Name: ?_generated_1.19, Value: False
Name: ?_generated_1.22, Value: False

Could you share more details and sample code on how we could reproduce the issue. Also, share how could we compare your mentioned properties form input file to ouptut file (XLS Vs XLSM).

Please zip and attach your template XLS file. Also, share sample code to show the issue, we will check it soon.