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Query on Aspose Bar Code (Aztec) Generation API

Hi Aspose Technical Support,

I am a developer working in Rail Europe and we purchased Aspose Bar code generation product last year.

I am trying to use the API of Aspose for Aztec bar code generation and seeking technical support.

Please let me know what is the best way to communicate with you ( e-mail, chat phone etc..)

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Dear developers(Aspose),

Company Name: Rail Europe

I have following Requirements for generation of Aztec bar code.

Requirement 1

Length: 39 mm
Height: 39 mm
Error correction: 25%
Module size: 0.8 mm
Margin size: 5 mm

Requirement 2

Length: 20 mm

Height: 20 mm

Error correction: 20%

Module size: 4 mm

Margin size: 0 mm


what parameters can influence the size of Aztec bar code? not sure whether we can use setWidth and setHeight parameters.In my analysis i learned that, size of bar code changes only when you are changing the ERROR_LEVEL apart from this i could not find any other setting which really can influence the bar code size.

How to use the Module Size (for Aztec bar code) in Aspose API.

I couldn’t find API where we can set the ERROR percentage what ever we want.
I guess i have to find the closest one in following constants which is AZTECERRORLEVEL_MIN in my case.

public static final int
public static final int AZTECERRORLEVEL_LOW 40
public static final int AZTECERRORLEVEL_MAX 95
public static final int AZTECERRORLEVEL_MEDIUM 60
public static final int AZTECERRORLEVEL_MIN 23

In my Java application, i am trying to generate Aztec bar code image using the following code.

long AZTEC = Symbology.AZTEC;
com.aspose.barcode.BarCodeBuilder b = new BarCodeBuilder();
b.setMargins(new Margins(0, 0, 0, 0));
// MIN means error level 23
b.save(IMAGE_SOURCE + name, IMAGE_TYPE);

Could you please provide me the needed guidance.


Hi Aspose Team,

I am a developer working in Rail Europe, White Plains, NY.we purchased Aspose Product and with Invoice Number#091203100250.

I am seeking technical guidance and attached document has the Queries.posted the same in following forum.


can this be looked into ASAP.



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Hi Vinil,

The size of barcode depends on the following parameters:

  1. The length (size) of codetext. Larger codetext value will generate large size of barcode
  2. setXDimension() and setYDimension() methods. You can set lower values (less than 1.0F) to reduce the size of barcode. See sample code snippet below
  3. setHeight() and setWidth() methods. But, the image will be cropped, if large barcode is generated and width/height is smaller than the size of actual generated barcode.
Regarding setting of the module size, I will get back to you after consulting with the developers.

Yes, currently the error levels can be set as fixed constant values. If these values are not sufficient for your requirements, please reply, so that I can put suggestion of setting custom values for error level.

Below is the sample code snippet to generate Aztec barcode according to Requirement 2:

BarCodeBuilder barCode = new BarCodeBuilder();
barCode.setMargins(new Margins(0,0,0,0));


Thanks for considering Aspose.


I am trying to use the API of Aspose for Aztec bar code
generation and seeking technical support. <o:p></o:p>
<o:p> </o:p>

Please let me know what is the best way to communicate with you ( e-mail, chat phone etc..)

Posting on Aspose forum is the primary method for getting technical support. We try our best to respond to the queries within 24 hours.

We also offer live support and you can contact with the relevant support developer live on the website.

Hi Vinil,

Thanks for using Aspose products. I have merged your threads together so we can follow up your issues better. The forums is the best way to get technical support. I apologize for the late reply and I hope we can do it better.