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Question about Aspose.Cells opening ports

Does Aspose.Cells need any ports to be opened on the server where it is deployed, or does it open up any ports by itself ? It is a concern of our client that any components deployed in their environment should not open any ports. Could you please confirm ?

Aspose.Cells doesn't need any ports or open any ports.

If you use Aspose.Cells in a desktop application or don't send file to client in web applications, none port is needed.

If you use Aspose.Cells in a web application and you want to send output file to client browser, it uses your HttpResponse object to send file.

Thanks for the quick response, Laurence.

Our application does not send a file attachment to the client, but it does send the Excel object to the client after saving it as a MemoryStream and converting it to a bytearray. Will that open up any ports ?

No, it won’t.