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Question about PDF.Kit or another PDF Product

Hey all,

I currently own a license for PDF.Form and it works great for the application I have it doing.

I am now working on a totally different project and need some advice.

We are trying to automate a process that currently is very dis-jointed. We need to be able to take different files, such as Word, Excel, JPG etc and combine them into one single PDF document.

I see that PDF.Kit can combine multiple pdf’s, but can it do anything like I describe? If not is there anything that can?


Dear Corey,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

The current kit can concatenate several pdf files, and adhere text or image(jpg,gif,etc) to the pages at specified coordinates, other features you menthioned are not supported in the kit independently now.

May there be a combining solution at Aspose, I will invite other Aspose developers to post themselves suggestion.

Best regards.

Dear Corey,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

You can use Aspose.Word + Aspose.Pdf to convert Word document to Pdf and then use Aspose.Pdf.Kit to concatenate the Pdf document. You can also use Aspose.Excel + Aspose.Pdf to convert Excel document. Images can be converted to Pdf directly by Aspose.Pdf.

Thats $1000… too much to do something like this. Thanks anyway.


Dear Corey,

If price does matter, why not ask for a discount?

Please post your request at if you’re interested.