Question about the API calls


We are creating a ppt application for a client here in India and would like to use your API. We expect to have around 5000 API calls. I am interested in Business Plus Plan. if a ppt has 20 slides. I call your API and convert them into 20 images. It is only 1 API call right. so of ther eare 1000 ppt and if I have to convert them into images. it would be around 1000 API calls right.


Thanks for your inquiry. I’m afraid. There is no way to split multi-slide presentation to a list of images in the single REST API call. You need to make a separate call for each slide. We have already logged a feature request to split multi-slide presentation to a list of images under ticket id SAASSLIDES-75 in our issue tracking system. We will let you know once it is supported and available for the public use. We’re sorry for your inconvenience.

Furthermore, I would like to explain a bit more about Aspose for Cloud ( a.k.a Saaspose Service ) REST API calls. There are two types of API calls. One are document APIs and other are non-document. We only charge document APIs. All APIs which are used to create, convert or update documents are document APIs e.g. presentation resource and removeAll resource are document APIs. We do not charge other APIs. The limit on other APIs is just to ensure fair usage. Otherwise we do not charge them. Only document APIs are counted and charged as documents. replaceText is an exception, it is not a document API and we do not charge it. Although it updates the document.

Please let us know in case of further assistance and comments.