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Question concerning Java version of Aspose.Words

Hi! My company has been using Aspose.Powerpoint for a while now as a component of our digital asset management application. We have received a request from a customer to do Word -> PDF conversions, and naturally, we thought of your product. :slight_smile:

The catch is, they would like to deploy on Solaris. There’s a small caveat on your Java product page for Words that indicates that PDF export is not yet avaiable. Do you have a timeframe for that development to be complete? In the interim, is there any way we can do this type of translation using your Java technologies (maybe in concert with the Aspose.PDF component)?


Steve Sauder


North Plains Systems Corp.

We are likely to have Word to PDF translation on the Java platform within 3-6 months.

If you want an interim solution, use the .NET versions of our components. We should be able to provide you a license for products on both platforms for the price of one platform.


Thanks for the quick reply! I didn’t think it was possible to run .NET components on Solaris - using the .NET versions would require that we deploy the solution on Windows, no? This is certainly an option that I can talk over with our customer, but they have indicated a strong preference for keeping their production deployment on Sun. They may be willing to go with Wintel initially, especially if they know they won’t have to shell out for a whole new license for the Java version - with the assurance that we will be able to make the port to Solaris when the Java components to do Word -> PDF translation become available.

Which leads me to my next question - how similar are the API’s between the .NET and Java versions? If I go the route of doing an interim deployment using the .NET components, will that be wasted effort when it comes time to move to Java/Sun?



Aspose.Words for .NET and Java API are "exactly" the same.

The difference is only due to the naming conventions and no properties in Java. For more info see