Question for dynamic PDF generation

Hi there

I do some dynamic PDF generation with Aspose.pdf. My Problem is now, that i have some bad pagebreaks.
I generate a Text, a Graph and some custom text (can have different length..).
Something like this:

This is text i generate.
| some graphic stuff (fixed height) |
| |
And there is some text with
different lenght............

The Problem is now, that the page can break before the picture or the last text and this looks not very nice...

I read in this forum that it is not possible to read the current position on the page. (so that i could do a manual pagebreak).

Is there anyway to do that? maybe with tables?

Thanks and best regards.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Yes, I think you can do that in case of table. In Table if you set the property IsBroken then the table is allowed to be broken or not when crossing pages.

If you need more help, please do let us know.


Please also refer to [IsKeptWithNext](