Question regarding Aspose.PowerPoint.Table Object


I have a project that uses a single blank slide template - I have routines that add Slides when necessary..

The problem is - if a table exceeds the slide area - I create a new slide and add a new table.. I would like to repeat the table headers by storing them off as Aspose.PowerPoint.Table objects and then copying them to the new table - but this doesnt seem possible.. The Aspose.PowerPoint.Table object cannot exist in memory only (at least that's the way it seems.

Feasibly - I can always keep the Table that stores the headers on a slide and later delete the slide - is this the only workaround available?


Yes, you can create template slide with table header and use it later.

Also you can create table from scratch with Shapes.AddTable but that is difficult enough.

Later we will add possibility to copy shapes and I hope work with tables will be more simple.