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Question: Regarding 'MainMaster' slide

Using the ‘MainMaster’ class, isn’t this a way for me to create a
Master Slide or a ‘template’ for my overall presentation to have the
same format for each of my slides within a presentation? For
example, I would like to create a presentation whereby each slide will
have a header and a footer. Also, each slide will have a title
and two frames for which the left frame will be one with a bulleted
list and the right frame will be for an image (or picture, etc).
From this description, a question comes to mind… have I just
described a double-body slide? If so, is it possible for me to
make this a Master Slide? Please, someone, give a
description. I’ve tried everything possible to create such a
Master Slide. I’ve also went through the Programmer’s Guide five
times to solve this. Is such a even possible?

Also, is it even possible for me to create placeholders (text holders) in a slide?

Any help or suggestion will be greatly, greatly, appreciated.

It’s not possible to create master slides. You can only change existing masters.

The most simple way to create slides with the same style is create one slide and clone it
as many times as you need. After that you can change cloned slides and add slide content.

It’s not possible to create placeholders. What a reason to do it?
Add rectangles with text to a slide. Result will be the same.