Question with respect to reading mails from virtual SMTP server


I am looking for a component that should help me in reading the mails from a virtual SMTP server(EML format). I came across Aspose.Email for .NET and believe that it can help in resolving the issues. After reading the feature I am not very sure on it uses on virtual SMTP server.

Can you please confirm on the following points:

  1. Do Aspose .network for .net have methods or services to read mails from virtual SMTP.

  2. If yes, than what will be the cost.

Please comment as it is an urgent requirement.

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Thanks for considering Aspose.

  1. The Virtual SMTP Server (bundled with IIS) uses folders like Queue, Bad etc to keep the emails in EML format. Yes, Aspose.Network for .NET has MailMessage class for reading EML or MSG files from disk. You need to manually give the path and file name to load the EML file. For more details, please refer to Aspose.Total for .NET|Documentation.
  2. Price information is available at page. Please choose Aspose.Network for .NET product and select the license type according to your requirements.