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Questions about Aspose.Excel.Web

1.Can we load and save an excel file directly into aspose excel web?

2.Can we add formulas too?
Currently the answer is no. But we are working to support formula in Aspose.Excel.Web.
  1. Can you give us a timeline for formula support?

    2. Also make sure it can load an Excel document stored as BLOB in a database…view it in Aspose Excel Web…make changes on the client side while viewing and save it as an excel file in the Database as a .xls.

Hi Gary,

1. I will discuss this issue with other developers and give a specific plan in a few days. Could you tell me which kind of functions are needed?

2. Aspose.Excel.Web will not directly load and save files in a database. It loads and saves data with a memory stream. You should process them with database with your own code.
Other features are supported.

Hi Gary,

1. Aspose.Excel.Web will support formula before the mid of June. Some Excel functions will be supported.

2. Load/Save Excel files from/to stream feature is supported now. Please download and try Aspose.Excel.Web v1.2.


Can you give us a sample project that shows load/save from/to memory stream?



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Hi Jewel,

Please check
for reference.


Is there a way to import data from an aspose excel spreadsheet to a dataset. I see the other way around is available; i.e. dataset to spreadsheet using the importdataview function (I looked at the demo application).

The sole reason that I downloaded the trial version yesterday is to see if I could do this.



If you just retrieve data from spreadsheets and put them into a dataset, you can try Aspose.Excel.

Currently exporting data from spreadsheets to dataset is not supported in Aspose.Excel.Web. We will consider this feature and will add it to Aspose.Excel.Web if possible.


What language is Excel.Web written in? We have a web server on which we can only install 100% managed code. Is Excel.Web 100% managed code?


It’s written in C# and 100% managed code. Aspose.Excel.Web only call some Win32 APIs while opening and saving Excel files through interop. You don’t need to be afraid of that. Even .NET Framework calls many Win32 APIs through interop.