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Questions on Aspose Tasks Data model

I am trying to import data from an MS Project file and can't find some data items. In particular, the Aspose.Tasks.Priority is an enum value while MS Project uses an integer value from 0-1000. Is there a way to get the priority value as defined in MS Project?

Secondly, in MS Project a task can define its availability as a pair of dates (start/stop date) and units available. I do not see this data anywhere in the Aspose.Tasks.Resource class.

Do you have any documentation that details how data is mapped from an MS Project file to your classes? That would be a great help.

Dear rsholtes,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Tasks.

You should see the ProjectQuery demo code, it displays the Project data. The demo code is installed on your computer with the Aspose.Tasks installer.

I will answer your questions after investigation.

That demo does not address my questions re: your data model and how you handle priority. It really would be helpful if your company could document what elements in the MS Project file you support and those you don't. Honestly, it is frustrating trying to "guess" at how your component operates - the help documentation is not very complete.

Aspose.Tasks was based on MPX format at first so everything mapped to this format if possible.

There are 10 possible priority levels in MPX. You can find the list with values in the documentation.
Values from MPP file divided by 100.

Start and Finish dates defined for tasks but not for resources so you can find everything in the Task class.
Also you can find Duration and DurationFormat properties there.

Thanks (I think.) I have done the work-around for priority, but its not good to lose the resolution of the values entered by users.

The task class has information about the resources it uses but it doesn't look like it has the resource's availability calendar.

Are there any plans to bring Aspose.Tasks up to date so it matches MPP file data and not MPX? If not, I think I need to look for a different technical solution as the limitations of Aspose.Tasks won't work for our full requirements.

That is possible to update Aspose.Tasks of course but it will take time.