QuickPart from SharePointFields


I’ve downloaded trial version of Aspose.Word for .net.
We have to solve a problem:
We migrated documents from SharePoint site collection to another SharePoint site collection. Documents have some Quick Part attached to SharePoint fields and all migrated document have these Quick Part brocken.

I tried to open new documents using this tool following guide:
Document.GlossaryDocument Property - Aspose.Words for .NET - API Reference

tring to remove broken quick parts and replace in the same point with the correct quick part, but i fail in remove action and in insert action.

I read this topic of similar problem:
Sharepoint quickparts - Aspose.Words Product Family - Free Support Forum - aspose.com

Quick Parts from SharePoint field is now supported?
May I have some help?

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Please compress the following resources into ZIP format and attach the .zip file here for testing:

  • A simplified source Word DOCX document containing the Quick Part
  • Your expected DOCX file showing the desired output. You can create this file manually by using MS Word.

We will then start further investigation into your particular scenario and provide you code to achieve the same expected output by using Aspose.Words.

Thanks for fast reply.

I’ll attach zip file with .Net project, source file example anche output example.
Inside code there is the SharePoint (whitout passoword, username or url) connection for downloading file for simulate the problem, if you don’t need it for this solution you can delete it, i’ll receate it in future.


AsposeWord-DocManipulation.zip (69.3 KB)


We have logged your problem in our issue tracking system. Your ticket number is WORDSSP-326. We will further look into the details of this problem and will keep you updated here on the status of the linked ticket.

Thanks for support.
for the ticket WORDSSP-326 I can see only status “Analisys Complete” I cant see other information of this. May I have some news about ticket?



The issue you reported in this thread is not a bug in Aspose.Words for .NET or Aspose.Words for SharePoint.

Could you please share what do you mean when talking about broken Quick Parts in the migrated documents? Does it mean that metadata from documents can not be mapped to the SharePoint columns?

If yes, you need to create destination library using STP template saved from the the source. Please check the following migrating steps.

  • Documents migration should be made with its metadata. There are few options one of them is to save library template as STP file and create destination library using this template.
    Steps to create library template file:
    MigratingStep1.jpg (84.9 KB)

  • Choose template saving option
    MigratingStep2.jpg (79.9 KB)
    Fill form and create the template.
    Save STP file:

  • In the Site Settings choose List Templates:
    MigratingStep3.jpg (109.1 KB)

  • Download created template
    MigratingStep4.jpg (66.9 KB)

  • Upload this STP file to destination site. Now you can see this template while creating document library in the destination site.

As the result all metadata from documents will be filled in the SharePoint.


thans for reply, but this suggestion of export isn’t applicable in our case.
Aspose.Words for .NET or Aspose.Words for SharePoint aren’t the problem, we envaluate this product for a solution of this problem.

We have already migrate a lage ammount of documents cross site collections and have to fix Quick parts brocken inside destination’s libraries.


Thanks for your feedback. We have closed this issue WORDSSP-326 as ‘Not a Bug’.

Could you please share complete detail of your use case along with sample input, problematic and expected output documents? We will investigate if our products can help you.

The code example, input and output document are all included inside my zip on top of this discussion.
the desidered flow is:

  • download file or stream from SharePoint
  • fix broken quick parts
  • sava back file in SharePoint

We tried wiitout success to do this and the reqest was an help for using Aspose.Words for .NET for repair broken quick parts



The ZIP file does not contain the expected output Word document that shows the desired behavior. Please share this document for further investigation. Thanks for your cooperation.

I downloaded the zip for verify.
The zip contain:

  • folder “AsposeWord-DocManipulation” with .net project
  • docx named: “Document1.docx” that is my source file with broken quick parts
  • docx named: “Document1 - output.docx” that is expected output. this file is created replaced broken quick parts using word interface



We have logged all of your detail in our issue tracking system. We will investigate this issue further and let you know once there is any update available on this issue. Thanks for your patience.

The following code snippet fixes mappings in the provided example (used Aspose.Words.Net):

Document doc = new Document(@"Document1.docx");

foreach(StructuredDocumentTag sdt in doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.StructuredDocumentTag, true))
    string prefixMappings = sdt
        .Replace("82b60e0b-68b2-4c59-898d-ace1cd454317", "249c057c-e0db-4a1d-bc8c-a0885a9bce06");

    sdt.XmlMapping.SetMapping(sdt.XmlMapping.CustomXmlPart, sdt.XmlMapping.XPath, prefixMappings);