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QuickStart Tutorials Available to Comment

Dear customers,

As an Aspose partner, Brian Sherwin would like to write Aspose.Excel QuickStart Tutorials. Mr. Sherwin is a Principal Consultant from Babbage Simmel, an IT education and consulting firm, Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio.

Here is the drafted outline. To make it really helpful for new or existing customers we would like to invite you to post your comments here.

Thanks for your contribution.

In your comments, please indicate your preferred method of viewing the Tutorial (PDF, Windows Help, HTML, etc)

In section “Building Worksheets with Advanced Features”, I have some ideas:

1. Fonts
Demonstrate how to apply formatting/styles to a range

how about change to

Demonstrate how to apply formatting/styles to a range

2. A sub-section may be added


Demonstrate how to add a built-in function, a compound function or a add-in function

Dear Brian,

This post is a reply adressing the format of the tutorials.

I believe Word document is the best format when developing the tutorial. Do you think so?

It is the easiest when “developing” the tutorial, but what about using the tutorial. It is helpful to know the final format as it determines how some of the document setup is done originally.


Dear Brian,

Excellent question!

For using the tutorial, I believe html page would be the best oringinal format as all existing documents are oringinally html pages. So when the tutorial is finished it can be seamlessly integrated with existing documents.

For writing html pages the recommended guideline can be found in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Help Integration Kit (VSHIK).

By the way you need install Visual Studio .Net before you install VSHIK.

The exisitng documents of Aspose products are authored with VSHIK. They come with two version: Microsoft Help 2, integrated with Visual Studio .Net Documentation, and HTML Help, for those customers without installing Visual Studio .Net.

Please post here if you have further questions about VSHIK.