"Combine" function is automatically updating excel formula

Hi Team,

We are using Aspose.Cell version

We have a functionality to combine several worksheets in a single workbook. We are using “Combine” function to achieve it. However, after using combine function the excel formula get converted from =SUM(F10:F1048576) to =SUM(F10:F65536).

After this even if we try to manually update the formula using .Formula property, it does not work.

Please suggest a workaround. Thanks.

Davinder Singh


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

Please download and try the latest version: Aspose.Cells
for .NET v8.5.0.2
it should resolve your issue.

If your issue still occurs, then please provide us your source excel files and the sample code replicating this issue. We will look into this issue and help you asap.