"End of header/footer is out of sync" exception?



I'm doing a relatively straightforward mail merge using the Aspose.Words.jdk14.jar from Java. I'm getting the following exception on a particular letter...

com.aspose.words.PleaseReportException: End of header/footer is out of sync. For free technical support, please post this error and the file in the Aspose.Words Forums http://www.aspose.com/forums/ShowForum.aspx?ForumID=75

I've attached the relative template FLCPSCAN.doc. I haven't attached code for the mail merge as it's pretty basic doc.getMailMerge().execute(...) stuff, that appears to work with other examples.




Dear Alan,

Thanks for reporting this error to us. I have reproduced it and logged to our defect base as issue #1020. We will try to fix it in our next hotfix which will be released in 2-3 weeks.

Best regards,


The problem is fixed in Aspose.Words for Java 1.04 which is now available for download.