"File->Save As..." question


In the previous component we used to generate Excel files, when the Save() method was used, a file name and file path was passed along with the other parameters. When a User wanted to save the generated excel file, they could click on “File-> Save As” in their Browser and the File Name in the Save Dialog box would be populated with the file name we had passed e.g. “MyCoolExcelFile.xls”.

With the Aspose component, I can only pass the file name (not the file path, for the open in Browser option). In this situation, when the User clicks on “File-> Save As”, the File Name in the Save Dialog box has the name of the .aspx page that generated the Excel Component e.g. “MyCoolWebPage.aspx”.

Is there any way to avoid this and get back to the dialog being populated with the proper name and extension?

Many thanks



Yes, you can. Please refer to our feature demos at http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Excel/Demos/Northwind.aspx.

The source code of feature demos is also installed in your machine.