"Requested registry access is not allowed"


We have deployed our application with deployment license file.
Unfortunately, the reports don't print because when the license file is accessed, we get the error:

"Requested registry access is not allowed"

What kind of special rights do we need to set so we don't get this error?




Hi Edward,

Good question. Our products access

SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

key and do it with using default OpenSubKey call and I think this requires both read and write access.

I will change it so they require read access only asap.


Here are some more details on our situation:

1. We have a web application which only has the IIS-User which does not have the proper read/write rights for the registry. We don't want to have the customer HAVE to give the IIS-User any more rights than it has as a default.

2. We realized that the IIS-User only need access ONCE and after that doesn't need access. So if you were able to make an "install .exe" which wrote what you need to write in the registry that once, we could add that to our installation batch and then the IIS-User would be able to print reports the first time.

3. We need this solution as quickly as possible for a customer so we hope to get it resolved as soon as possible.




Dear Edward,

It may be fixed if you have a correct deployment license. Please let me know your Order ID at first.


Dear Edward,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

The problem you mentioned in the forum indicates you're using a development license to deploy Aspose.Pdf. It's not recommended by Aspose. Instead, you need to use the deployment license to deploy Aspose.Pdf. By doing this you won't be bothered by "Requested registry access is not allowed".

Please try to use your deployment license to deploy Aspose.Pdf then let me know what happens.

As currently you have only one deployment license if you need more deployment license please check Upgrade Policy to upgrade your order from

Web Application: One


Web Application: Multiple

while keep all the rest options are the same as those of the existing order.

Please let me know if I can be helpful.


So I’m not changing the licensing code because the registry is only checked for development licenses and when you are developing you are bound to have enough access.

You need to use a deployment license as admin suggests.