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We are using the last version of Aspose.Excel before the switch to Aspose.Cells. Please see the messages below and let us know what we could possibly be doing wrong. We do believe we are licensing the component in our application. Would not successfully doing the license stuff cause this problem?


Kevin Jackson


From: Sudhir Bhadvankar [mailto:Sudhir.Bhadvankar@geometricsoftware.com]
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 9:51 AM
To: kjackson@powerway.com
Cc: Dinesh Punia; Shriprasad Kolhatkar; ketan chinchalkar; Amitabh Agrawal; mark kolp
Subject: RE: Excel error during upload

Hi Kevin,

When we try to read from Excel hidden sheet in the post processor logic, sometimes we get garbage values like "gY2Ve" or "dvZvASUAdI49f3SqFf" randomly for any cell.. So because of this if we assign this cell values to an integer variables it returns below error. Also there is no specific pattern for occurrence of this garbage value. I think this is an issue with Aspose component. Please have a look into this issue.




Nevermind, we found a code path that didn’t license the code.