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dear support,

I am using Aspose.cells rev

I have an issue with a range.

When my range is something like “Sheet2!A1:A10” and I try to get the value, it returns me an empty array.

However, when the range is within the same sheet ( ie A1:A10 ), then it retruns the correct data.

Any ideas - upgrading to the latest version is not immediately an option.

thank you for your much appreciated he;lp


Could you provide us the sample code (runnable) with template file or preferably a sample console application (you may zip the project prior attaching here) to reproduce the issue, we will try to check it soon.

By the way, could you also try to test the scenario/ case with latest version/fix (v17.4.0) to just check on how it goes, you may try it in a separate project.

Thank you.


dim wb as new aspose.cells.workbook(...)
dim range1 as string = "A1:B1"
dim range2 as string = "Sheet2!A1:B1"
dim o1() as object = x.worksheets("Sheet1").cells.createrange(range1).value
dim o2() as object = x.worksheets("Sheet1").cells.createrange(range2).value

o1 returns an object array with the correct values
o2 returns an empty error.

thank you,



Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

We have tested this issue with the following sample code (which is same as yours except with few additions) with the latest version and found the code is working fine without any issue. Please check its console output which shows the length of the range value array, which is correct.

Dim wb As Workbook = New Workbook(“sample.xlsx”)

Dim range1 As String = "A1:B1"
Dim range2 As String = "Sheet2!A1:B1"

Dim o1 As Object = wb.Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Cells.CreateRange(range1).Value
Dim o2 As Object = wb.Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Cells.CreateRange(range2).Value

Dim p1(,) As Object = CType(o1, Object(,))
Dim p2(,) As Object = CType(o2, Object(,))


Console Output