Re: Aspose.Project


Can you please give more detailed example of an application that would need this.


Currently my application uses Project on the server via automation to do the following:

* Open an existing Microsoft Project document
* Set project start and end dates
* Create tasks with durations
* Create resources
* Set dependencies between tasks
* Save the project

Does this help?


Dear hehdaddy,

In May 2003, I thought to make a product code named as Aspose.Project with same and more features as those suggested by you here. Sorry I was too busy to recruit a guy to do it.

Fortunately now I almost have all resources ready so you will see the initial public release of Aspose.Project within months.

Thanks for your suggestion but I would invite you to post more so the first initial public release exactly meet your needs.


Dear hehdaddy,

Did you know we have published Aspose.Project?


You folks are awesome!! This is great news!