RE: Is Aspose.Excel module still a supported version?

I've used Aspose.Excel to export data to Excel Spreadsheet in a prototype application in 2004 and it has been put on hold until now. I need to find out if Aspose.Excel is still supported and if so, how to purchase a copy of this older version. Thanks.

Aspose.Excel is changed to Aspose.Cells now. Aspose.Cells includes all features in Aspose.Excel. And it's very easy to port you code from Aspose.Excel to Aspose.Cells. So you don't need to buy an old version.

If you have any further questions, please post them here. Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. Do you have documentation and/or scripts that will convert existing codes used in Aspose.Excel to Aspose.Cells? This application was written in and used the Aspose.Excel namespace. Please advise.



Thanks for considering Aspose.

The new Aspose.Cells is more reliable, stable and prosperous with enhanced and advanced functionality. I think there is not much labour involved upgrading to the newer Aspose.Cells. However, when you upgrade to the newer Aspose.Cells, Please note:

Some APIs (classes, struct, enumerations) are added based on some advanced features that we now offer, the previous classes (with their members) are retained as they were and optimised but a few classes are renamed, some additional members (properties, methods etc.) are also included to the classes as well.

Following is the classes list which are renamed:

1. Excel class is replaced by Workbook class.

2. ExcelDesigner class is replaced by WorkbookDesigner class.

3. ExcelHelper class is replaced by CellsHelper class.

So you may change your code according. And for more info, please check the APIs: and Programmer's guide:

Hope this will help you.

Thank you.