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(Re)Setting y-coordinate changes position of category axis title

Dear Aspose Support Team

The file Input.xlsx has two charts in it. When (re)setting the y-coordinate of the category axis title of the charts using
the vertical position of the axis title is changed (see Result.xlsx). We would expect it to stay the same.

What we actually want to do is to move the category axis title downwards by 5 points (see commented code in attachment). However, this did not work as expected: the title was moved downwards too far. With a few experiments we ended finding out, that the title is already being moved, even when (re)setting it to the current y-coordinate (without any offset).

AxisTitleYCoordinateIssue.zip (23.3 KB)

I have attached output file on my end. Could you please create a screenshot of issue for our analysis. Output.zip (11.5 KB)

Please find attached two screenshots:

  • Input.PNG (before) shows the axis title very close to the axis
  • Result.PNG (after) shows that there is now a clear distance (marked in yellow) between the axis and the title

Screenshots.zip (8.5 KB)

This issue is reproduced here and logged in our database for further investigation. We will notify you here once analysis is done and some feedback is ready to share.

This issue is logged as:
CELLSJAVA-43283 - Re-setting the y-coordinate changes position of category axis title

HI @awepler
Please use aspose.cells21.6 to try to see if the problem has been resolved.


Downloads —New-Releases-aspose.cells-for-java-21.6