Read and Write stream capabilities

We're looking at Aspose.Cells as a possible solution to a very specific requirement.

1. We need to be able to run Aspose.Cells ina google app engine environment which does support Java but we would probably need to or prefer to wrap it in Python. Will Cells run on GAE ? or does it have other external dependencies preventing it like calling other extenral C libraries or some such.

2. GAE doesn't provide access to a filesystem, so we would need to utilise streams for reading and writing office xml format spreadsheets. Can you confirm that it is possible for our app to provide a multi-sheet workbook as a stream, via the python wrapper, modify data in one or more sheets, and then write the workbook out again as a new stream ?

3. We are only interested in writing very basic data from our application e.g. into a simple values only sheet, but the pre-existing workbook being read in would also have other complex worksheets including macros and charts that would utilise and reference our data cells. Will Aspose.Cells transparently write out the workbook along with all the other unmodified sheets and their properties, and can it do this via a stream.


Thanks for your posting and considering Aspose.Cells.

Aspose.Cells give you access and be utilized in wide range of technologies.

Please see the following articles for your reference.

Aspose.Cells for .NET

  1. Utilize Aspose.Cells in other Programming Languages
  2. PHP via COM Interop.
  3. Python via COM Interop

Aspose.Cells for Java

Thanks, I had read those articles already prior to asking my questions and wasting your time. Please re-read my questions, I specifically asked if Aspose.Cells will run on Google App Engine which is a a very restricted environment, I’m reasonably certain that using COM is not one of the options in that space. I also asked about other specific capabilities of Aspose.Cells


Thanks for your feedback.

Did you read?
Using Aspose.Cells for Java with Perl

Anyway, I have forwarded your question to our development team to better guide you with your questions and also logged this issue in our database.

Once, we have some update/advice for you, we will let you know asap.

This issue has been logged as CELLSJAVA-40141.


After investigation, we found some functions of Aspose.Cells need to access resources and APIs that GAE does not support, such as getting font information by accessing font files, getting image information by BufferedImage and other related APIs. And we cannot find solution to remove those dependencies currently, so we are afraid currently aspose.cells component cannot work fine with GAE.

Sorry for the inconvenience.