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Read Binary PDF Data from Database & Convert to PDF File or Stream using Visual Basic 6.0 VB6 | COM Interop

Hi Vendor,

We are using your product to convert RTF to HTML and currently there is one more requirement for binary to pdf in VB 6 project.

Are you supporting this requirement.Please let me know.



Yes, it is possible to convert DOC (binary file format) to PDF. You can use Aspose.Words for .NET in your Visual Basic project via COM Interop. Please refer to the following articles:

Sample code:

Dim helper
Set helper = CreateObject(“Aspose.Words.ComHelper”)

Dim lic
Set lic = CreateObject(“Aspose.Words.License”)
lic.SetLicense “C:\temp\Aspose.Total.lic”

Dim doc
Set doc = helper.Open(“c:\temp\input.doc”)
doc.Save “C:\temp\output.pdf”

P.S. If you need to use many of the Aspose.Words classes, methods and properties, we recommend you consider creating a wrapper assembly (using C# or any other .NET programming language), that will help to avoid using Aspose.Words for .NET directly from unmanaged code.

Thanks Hafeez,

Actually we have binary pdf data in database and we need to retrive binary data from Db and then convert into PDF data.This is the requirement.

Can you give some logic over this requirement using Visual basic 6.0


Please confirm, what Aspose API would you like to use for reading binary PDF data stored in Database - Aspose.PDF for .NET or Aspose.Words for .NET?