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Read Passport MRZ

Can anyone confirm it is possible to reliably read the MRZ on a passport using this library? And if so, how long does it take to scan and decode a single passport?

I have searched this forum, and there are several comments of people having issues trying this, but no positive posts.

If it is possible, a code sample would be helpful.
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Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Aspose APIs.

Your inquiry is related to Aspose.BarCode so i am moving your inquiry to the correct forum i.e. Aspose.BarCode.

This is to update you that the feature you are looking for is not available. A feature request has been logged into our system with ID BARCODENET-36492. Our product team will further look into it and provide feedback. We will update you with the feedback in this forum thread. It will be a help if you share some samples with us.

+1 vote for this feature request!

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