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Read Receipt without Delivery Notification

I have the latest Email dlls from the web. How can I request a Read Receipt without also receiving Delivery notification? Right now I have the following:

Dim msg As New MailMessage
msg.From = ""
msg.To = ""
msg.Subject = "Test message"
msg.TextBody = "This is a test message"
msg.DeliveryNotificationOptions = DeliveryNotificationOptions.OnSuccess

The Read Receipt does fire, but does not go to and we also get a delivery success notification. I saw reference to a HeaderType enum but no examples of how to use it.

Thank you

Hi Heather,

Thanks for writing to Aspose.Email support team.

I have analyzed the information and following are my findings.

  1. I tested the scenario with my test account on Gmail and found that no read-receipt is received. Afterwards, it was found that read receipts are available for Google Apps for business, Education and Government customers. They are not available in personal Gmail accounts. Could you please verify same for your recipient mail server, if this feature is implemented or not.
  2. The end user may have turned off this functionality.
  3. The end user may choose not to send one.
  4. The MailMessage.Headers.Add(new MimeHeader(“Read-Receipt-To”,"") ) call is deprecated now. Could you please test your scenario using Add_( )call and let us know your feedback as given below:
msg.Headers.Add_(“Read-Receipt-To”, "");

You mentioned that read receipt event is fired but not sent to the recipient. Could you please elaborate how it was identified that event has fired.

It is required that delivery notifications be stopped and just read-receipt should be received. For this issue please spare us little time to investigate it further and discuss the matter with development team.

Here are my findings:

1. Yes, the recipient mail server does support Read Receipts. I am getting a Read Receipt but it is not going to the address I specified, it goes to the "From address".

2 & 3. I understand the end user might have it turned off or choose not to send. The problem was not whether we received the Read Receipt or not but that it was ignorning the Header value that I specified.

4. I made this change and it still did not send the Read Receipt notification to the address I specified, just to the "From" address.

In addition I found out that you cannot set the DeliveryOptions as follows (even though the enum states that it is a flags attribute):
DeliveryOptions = OnSuccess OR OnFailure
When doing so the OnSuccess does not work.

1. Not setting the DeliveryOptions flag but manually adding the Disposition and Return headers does nothing, once sent those headers are stripped from the message. Neither Message Delivery or Read Receipt emails are sent.
2., Setting the DeliveryOptions flag to OnSuccess and not adding the headers manually results in the headers being added by the system and a Disposition and Return email address being set to the From address. Both MessageDelivery and ReadReceipt message are sent to the From address.
3. Setting the DeliveryOptions flag to OnSuccess and manually adding the headers with a different email address results in the manually added headers being ignored. Both Message Delivery and Read Receipt messages are sent to the From address.
4. Setting the DeliveryOptions flag to OnSuccess OR OnFailure results in no Message Delivery or Read Receipt message being sent.

Thank you

Hi Heather,

Thanks for providing us detailed analysis.

Please spare us little time so that we can investigate the issue thoroughly and assist you further. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated in this regard.

Hi Heather,

Thank you for being patient.

In order to get concise information for your requirements, I have requested development team to provide the expected behaviour of Read-Receipt header. In addition, I have also requested to provide feedback as if it is possible to receive Read-Receipts without Delivery Notifications. Once there is information available in this regard, we will update you via this thread.

This issue has been logged in our issue tracking system as: NETWORKNET-33612.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as NETWORKNET-33612) have been fixed in this update.

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