Read-Write and update .MPP file

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Is Aspose.task tool can Read , write and update in .MPP file ?

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Dear TulsiV,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Tasks.

Aspose.Tasks can read MPX/MPP files, but can only write them back in MPX or in XML format.

Hi Faiz,

Thanks for quick reply.

Further I hav question if I made changes like add task in .mpx file and save, that .mpx file can not be load in Ms project so for that how i reflect same changes in .mpp file and keep data changes as .mpx file hav

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If you are opening the generated mpx file in MS-Project 2007 or other versions, then please change the Legacy Formats option in Tools – > Options – > Security tab to Allow loading files with legacy or non default file formats.

Hello Faiz,
I do not have "Allow Legacy Formats..." on my security tab. I have Privacy
Options and Macro Security. and I am using service pack 2 for Ms Project 2003
Please do needful

What error are you getting?

Save your mpx file in this way.

FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(filename, FileMode.OpenOrCreate, FileAccess.Write);

//file.Write(fileStream, Encoding.GetEncoding(1252));
file.Write(fileStream, Encoding.Default);