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Reading a Word doc

One of our client has proposed the use of Aspose libraries for extracting important information from .Doc or .pdf files. Currently I am looking at .doc file but I find the documention/examples are more for creating/writing to a word file.

Do you have sample code for

1) reading a doc file,

2) searching for certain keywords/text in doc file

say search for keyword Opinion and get value 'Good'

eg .................... Opinion : Good

another eg ............... Rating : 6

search for key word Rating and get value 6



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<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for your inquiry. I think, you can try using ReplaceEvaluator to get such data from your document. For example, see the following example:

// Open document.

Document doc = new Document(@"Test001\in.doc");

// Create regular expression, which will help us to get data from the document.

Regex regex = new Regex(@"(?\S+)\s*:\s*(?\S+)");

// We will use ReplaceEvaluator to get data.

doc.Range.Replace(regex, new ReplaceEvaluator(ReplaceEvaluatorGetData), true);


private static ReplaceAction ReplaceEvaluatorGetData(object sender, ReplaceEvaluatorArgs e)


// Print name / value pair, which was matched by our regex.

Console.WriteLine("{0} = {1}", e.Match.Groups["name"], e.Match.Groups["value"]);

return ReplaceAction.Skip;


Hope this helps. Please let me know in case of any issues, I will be glad to help you.

Best regards.