Reading and writing excel template with huge data in Java

Hi Team,

We had an excel template with a pivot table and multiple sheets. We need to read the template and each sheet and need to dump a huge amount of data(1 million rows) on each sheet. Also need to apply style sheet, also need to shift rows based on data. Is this possible using Aspose.cell.Our company using paid license just want to know if there any memory issues we are planning to use Java. Let me know is this possible also need pros and cons.

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Yes, your requirements can be fulfilled by Aspose.Cells for Java. You can read/write data in larger Excel spreadsheets. We also provide LightCells APIs for just reading/writing large Excel files fast, you may use light weight mode instead of normal mode to work with huge data. So, if you are just reading/writing huge data sets, we recommend you to use our LightCells APIs. The architecture would need far less memory and will give you better performance and efficiency for sure.

Memory management and performance are always challenging in a diverse environment when working with large files with huge data. Aspose.Cells for Java is robust and efficient in terms of performance. We also provide special mode (Memory Preference mode) that will surely consume less memory for the large data, see the document for your reference.

Hope, this helps a bit.