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Reading calculated values from a large XL file


I am currently using Aspose 8.3 version for .NET and trying to read calculated values from the file into my object which will then display on the front end. I have been using timers to monitor the time taken to perform these and compared it with our previous solution which had humungous workaround code.

Surprisingly the workaround code took an average of 3-4 seconds to read the values where Aspose version of the code took an average of 10-11 seconds. I was simply reading teh calculated values from Aspose using workSheet.cells["CellNumber"].value.

Could you suggest how we can speed this up since this is impacting the overall calculation time. I've tried using the Workbook.Settings.CreateCalcChain = false; and Workbook.Settings.MemorySetting = MemoryPreference.

Please could you suggest an alternative to this to help us reduce some time reading the calculated values.

Thanks & Regards,

Swapna Deshpande.


Thanks for providing us some details.

Please download and try our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v8.3.2 if it makes any difference:

If you still find the issue, kindly do provide us simple console application, zip it and post us, we will check it soon. Also provide your template file(s) if you have any.

By the way, in a huge workbook having lots of formulas in it, when you set creating calculation chain off, it will surely give you better and quick results provided you are not updating/calculating formulas and reading values in the sheets again and again. But if you are updating the source values for the formulas and reading calculated values again and again, you should set the creating calculation chain on. This way, the first read of the calculation formulas would take more time for sure but all the consequence/ follow up read of the formula calculations would be efficient and take lessor time.

Thank you.