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Reading password protected workbooks

Does ASPOSE.Cells support reading password protected workbooks ?
How workbooks are saved in BIFF7 format.


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1. Yes, you can open any worbook using Aspose.Cells. Aspose.Cells can read any workbook in the file format including(Excel97 - Excel2003) and all the workbooks are opened in read only format. If a workbook is already protected, you may use Workbook.Unprotect() method to first unprotect it and then edit and save the file. Following is a sample code:

Workbook workbook = new Workbook();


// Unprotecting the workbook using its password.




You can also protect a whole workbook using Workbook.Protect() method. Moreover, you may protect / unprotect a specific worksheet using Worksheet.Protect() and Worsheet.Unprotect() methods.

For reference, please see :

Protecting Worksheet

Unprotect a Worksheet

Note: If a workbook is encrypted, you can use the following version of Workbook's Open() method:

public void Open(
string fileName,
FileFormatType type,
string password

2. Aspose.Cells only supports BIFF8 and greater format (Excel97 - Excel2003). If you want to use a file of BIFF7 format, you have to convert it to Excel97 - Excel2003 format first.

The procedure is simple: Open your file in MS Excel (Excel97 - Excel2003) and Save the file As "Microsoft Excel Workbook" and then you may utilize Aspose.Cells to use the file.


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Aspose Nanjing Team

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We recommend you to kindly try upgrading to and use latest version of the product which includes support for older BIFF7 (Excel 95/5.0 - 2003 Workbook) formats with enhancements now:

Also, see the document for supported input and output file formats by Aspose.Cells: