Recognize the barcode

Requirement : I have normal A-4 size page which will be scanned with a normal scanner ( Dedicated bar code scanner will not be use in my case) .That A-4 page do have multiple bar codes ,and textual information on it .

Normal scanner will create JPEG image file of that A4 page and then this JPEG image will be sent into the function which is provided by your dll ( Aspose.BarCode_6.2.0(dll-only).zip) and will return bar code .
Can the customer use this bar code in my code further. I want to scan a normal electricity bill that electricity consists of a bar code that bar code need to be recognized and bill will be scanned through a normal scanner which will generate JPEG image file .I have to recognize the barcode to use it further in my code, can u please tell me , will your dll support me?

Regards, M.Irfan.

Hi Irfan,

Thank you for contacting support. Aspose.BarCode API allows developers to quickly and easily add bar code generation / recognition functionality to their applications. You can repeat bar code generation / recognition process. Based on your inquiry, I would like to update you that the JPG image is a supported format. Also, you can further use barcode in your source code.

Please refer to the documentation and download pages:

Second, I have tested your sample barcode image against the latest build of Aspose.BarCode 6.2.0. I managed to replicate the problem recognition failure. I’ve logged this issue under ticket id BARCODENET-33900 in our issue tracking system. Your request has also been linked to this issue. We’ll let you know once a significant progress has been made in this regard. We’re sorry for your inconvenience.

In addition to that, there are some evaluation limitations. You can evaluate Aspose APIs with full features support. You can avoid evaluation limitations by getting a temporary license for 30 days and try the latest version at your end.

You can learn all about how Aspose API’s are licensed by checking out the Licenses FAQ here:

Please feel free to ask in case of further assistance or questions.