Recognize the text layer in the smart layer and modify the text layer

Is there a function to search for layers, identify text layers in smart layers, and modify text layers?

This feature is very important, it is related to whether I will continue to buy and use it, thank you


I am sorry the requested support isn’t available in API. Can you please explain the requirements in the form of image and also more details about criteria for searching and we can consider that on our end.

input.jpg (28.7 KB)
output.jpg (14.9 KB)
It is input.psd before running, and output.psd after running.The content to be modified is a smart layer, which is an editable text layer.I want to get the text layer in the smart layer and edit it to generate the required PSD file.


Can you please explain that on the basis of what criteria you want to access or find the layer?

Once you have a layer of a smart object, you can then traverse the layers in the smart object, such as editing and copying text layers, setting visibility, and so on.
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Can you please check the following thread link for your kind reference.