Recurrently run a program


Hi, Roman.

I am very interested with Aspose.Recurrence. And I have an idea.

Could the recurrence task be a program? I mean, can I set a program as a new task? When the time reached, the program automatically starts to run. That’s something like Windows Tasks Schedule.

Could Aspose.Recurrence support this feature with a simple API?


Hi Laurence,

Yes, that’s one of the things you can do with Aspose.Recurrence.

Currently Aspose.Recurrence has classes that only calculate occurrence dates. What you do with those dates is entirely up to the user. So at the moment the output of Aspose.Recurrence is just dates when something occurs.

I think adding API that will allow to run programs could be a good idea. I remember trying to use Windows Tasks Service and it was very difficult and I dropped it.