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#ref in formula fields

I loaded a spreadsheet and see #ref in cells that have formulas.
Why is this?

Could you please post your spreadsheet here? We will check it ASAP.

Here is the spreadsheet.

Hi Leo,

Could you please tell me which cell doesn’t show correctly on the web page? I don’t find it. The attached file is my screenshot after loading your file.

And are you using Aspose.Excel.Viewer or Aspose.Excel.Web?


Attached is the .aspx page and excel file with the problem.


Hi Leo,

We will check it ASAP.

Currently Aspose.Excel.Web borrows the formula calculation engine from Aspose.Excel.

In Aspose.Excel, only part of Excel functions are supported. Please check
for refernece.

MS Excel can automatically re-calculate the formula when loading the file so in most case there aren’t problems when loading an Excel file in MS Excel.

We are working to enhance the formula calculation engine to solve this problem.