Refresh GridWeb worksheet charts when values are modified


I load into the Gridweb a workbook which have a chart. I have created that one on Microsoft Excel.

Obviously, that chart is computed thanks to various values I entered into my workbook.

When I load the workbook with GridWeb, the chart looks perfect. However, when I modify some values into my worksheet the chart is not refreshed. So, it stays as it was when I load the page at the beginning as if it were only a picture.

I have attached to this post a sample project. It is probably better that a long explanation.

I just want to ask you if there is a possibility to fix that issue ?


Hi Romain,

Thanks for the project.

I am afraid this feature (Refresh charts based on the values visually and dynamically in the GridWeb) is not supported as the charts are imported (from the template files to GridWeb) as static pictures instead of chart objects.

Anyways, I have logged a ticket for it with an id: CELLSNET-41078 for it. But I am afraid this feature is not going to be supported soon.

By the way, we have Aspose.Cells library/component (if it fits your needs) which is a powerful product that support to create and manipulate charts dynamically in Excel files. You may try to use it to manipulate the charts based on your new / updated values, also, it does support to convert charts to image files. See the documentation of Aspose.Cells regarding Charts manipulation, e.g see the documents in the section:

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSNET-41078) have been fixed in this update.

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