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Reg:Aspose 7.0.1 jar not backward compatible


Currently we are using Aspose jar for JDK 1.4
When we faced an issue (File error:data may have been lost) two days ago, Aspose team asked us to replace the Aspose Jar with the latest version 7.0.1 to resolve the issue.
We found out that the above issue occurs when the report created and saved in Microsoft Office 2003 are opened in Microsoft Office 2010.
When we downloaded the latest version (Aspose 7.0.1) from the Aspose site and replaced our Jar with latest Jar ,we came across many compile time errors.
Some of the Classes like BorderLineType,NamedRange,HorizontalAlignmentType,CellHandler,LightCell,Worksheets which we make use of during excel rendering are not even found in the latest Aspose Jar. We are not sure if any new API does this job for us.

Ex: BorderLineType and NamedRange classes are found in com.aspose.cells package in the previous versions.But these classes are not found in the same package.

To use the new Asopse Jar, huge amount of code changes will be required in our application which is not the feasible solution. Ideally, when a new version is introduced, it should have backward compatibility. But looks like the new Aspose Jar is not backward compatable.

Please let know if there is a feasible way of handling the above scenario where the existing functionalities are not broken.


Hi Karuppiah,

Just for your knowledge, since the release of v7.0.0, we have automatically ported from our .NET code and therefore, it might contain many features that were missing in the previous Aspose.Cells for Java versions. This release was a major milestone because from now onwards we can work more efficiently and it simply means a much better Aspose.Cells for Java for you. It is not common practice for us to make breaking changes to the API and we always try to avoid this whenever possible, but sometimes it is necessary you know. In this case the changes in the new version occur because:
1) A move towards using the Aspose Unified Framework which dictates an improved API for loading and saving. This makes for a more organized and consistent API to be used across all Aspose products.
2) The source code from the .NET platform will now be automatically ported to the Java platform. This will enable Aspose.Cells for Java to match Aspose.Cells for .NET feature-by-feature.

See the release notes of v7.0.0 to know about all the details and check especially, “Notable Changes for the Existing Users” table to know more about the changed APIs set:

Well, you need to change/update or fix your existing code segments accordingly with the new versions. Now come towards your some of the issues. For example, please use Range class and Name class instead of NamedRange class, see the document for your complete reference:
Similarly the HorizontalAlignmentType API is changed/renamed to become TextAlignmentType now, see the document for your reference:
Also, the BorderLineType has become changed, see the document for your reference:

We recommend you to kindly see the online Aspose.Cells for Java documentation for your complete reference (it is up-to-date):

The LightCells API is now made available into the latest fixed version, i.e. v7.0.1.6, please try it:

Thank you.


For the issue of “data may have been lost”, most of such kind of issue are because that ms excel2010 makes stricter verification for the file data saved for xls files. Many xls files which can be opened fine in ms excel versions prior to 2010 now may cause such kind of message in excel2010. There are lots of such kind additional verifications made by the new excel version, some are known for us and have been fixed, but still there may be others that is unknown for us and only can be fixed when we find them by user’s report or our internal test. So, it is impossible for us to fix them completely at one time(so it is impossible to solve such kind of issue completely by one fix based on the old version). However, for such kind of issue the aspose.cells for .net version has gone further forward than java versions prior to V7. So the new versions from V7 must have fixed many of such kind of issues, and we can only continue to fix such kind of issue based on the new version in future. So, we are afraid you have to migrate to the new version to solve such kind of issue and get continuous and in time support for them.

For the LightCells, currently we only support it for saving xlsx files. For reading xls/xlsx template files and saving xls files by LightCells APIs, we are still working on it and will get them back to the new version asap.