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Regarding The Character Set In Aspose Slides

Received : 2007/11/05 00:56:48
Message : Hi,
I had a problem regading the character sets supported by Aspose Slides.

Here is the piece of text that i copied from MSWord and which is included in the PPT generated ( by Aspose Slides).

“Double Quotes”

But in the slides the following is shown up

“Double Quotes”

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Dear Bijesh,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides for .NET

To add quotation marks, you need to use escape sequence, you cannot add it directly. For example in C#, you will use

textFrame.Text = "This is a quotation mark \". ";

And in VB.NET

textFrame.Text = "This is a quotation mark "". ";

Please also see this code and the output presentation generated by it, which I have attached.

Code - C#

Presentation srcPres = new Presentation();
Slide srcSld = srcPres.GetSlideByPosition(1);

//Create a rectangle and hide its lines
Aspose.Slides.Rectangle rect = srcSld.Shapes.AddRectangle(300, 400, 5000, 1);
rect.LineFormat.ShowLines = false;

//Create a text box by adding textframe inside rectangle
TextFrame tf = rect.AddTextFrame("");

//Textframe will automatically wrap any line that exceeds its width
tf.WrapText = true;

//Textframe will grow the rectangle height if requires
tf.FitShapeToText = true;

//Add some text using TextFrame.TextProperty
tf.Text = "\"Double Quotes\"";

//Add some text using Paragraph
//Clone the previous paragraph and change its text, and then add it
Paragraph para = new Paragraph(tf.Paragraphs[0]);
para.Text = "\"Double Quotes using Paragraph\"";

//Add some text using Portion
//Clone the previous portion inside the newly added paragraph, and change its text
//and then add it
Portion port = new Portion(para.Portions[0]);
port.Text = " \"Double Quotes using Portion\"";

//Write the presentation on disk